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Time for a natural cure

Take a break from the stress of your everyday life!

Recover and relax with the hotel’s wellness offers supported by medical, physical and aestetic treatments.

We offer cures lasting 3 – 14 days for all of our guests with the following treatments and examinations:

  • Detailed consultation including spa consulting
  • Laboratory investigation, possibly with tumor markers
  • Ultrasound examination of the neck, thyroid, vascular system, abdomen
  • Daily vital infusion with selenium and zinc alternating -> also available by high dose: vitamin c and homeopathic additives regarding the immune system (individual dose depending on the immune status and blood components)
  • Ionized oxygen therapies (20 minutes)
  • In case of specific diseases: magnetic field therapies, injections or acupuncture
  • Physical therapies such as classical massages, lymphatic drainages, cPNI therapies, exercise therapies and nutritional counseling also help to regenerate your body
  • The hotel also offers nurturing facial treatments as well as relaxing spa treatments depending on the disease and skin to support the medical practices

Our highly skilled team is looking forward to developing a concept that suits perfectly to your needs which helps to leave your burdens behind in an efficient and optimal way.

The settlement for all the medical treatments applies to GoÄ. The costs are generally borne by insurance companies for the ones eligible for benefits and privately insured.

You still have questions or want an individual consultation?
We are looking forward to your call:
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08122 95 59 780 Praxis Dr. Ascher